Care&Share&Smile (NPO) is a non-profit-organisation,

founded in Germany.


Purpose of the association (according to articles of association)
The association exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of paragraph “tax-privileged purposes” of the internal revenue code.


Tax Number: 59338/15996

Registration Number (NPO): VR 1868


Care&Share&Smile.e.V. is registered in Esslingen, Germany.



Whom does Care&Share&Smile e.V. support?

We first and foremost support a great community in Knysna and focus on the colored population that is underprivileged due to the political and legal situation in South Africa.


What does Care&Share&Smile e.V. support?

We support outstanding people who have been actively engaged in charity work in their community for a long time. This community has been kept up with donations only after the discontinuation of any governmental subsidies.


We help this remarkably self-motivated community whenever it is stretched to its limits and whenever it faces financial, organizational or legal issues. Our direct and personal dialog with the inhabitants inspires us to devise new projects. We give these people hope for the future by just caring about them!



To achieve these long-term goals, we have founded this association. It is near and dear to us to keep alive these existential projects, to commit ourselves to brotherliness, to let these people know that we have not forgotten them and know that they are there. It is essential to prove that we care about them no matter if they are young or young at heart which gives them hope for the future – we make them smile!


We make a difference!



Unsere Projekte und Initiativen leben von Ihrer ehrenwerten Unterstützung.

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Bank Account Number


Deutsche Bank Esslingen 

Kto.: 023 551 5

Blz.:  611 700 76 


DE11 6117 0076 0023 5515 00



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