Heike Ellwanger is on site in Knysna for at least 6 months per year.

She is fully responsible for the passing on of materials, the organization of funds and the decision-making.


Moreover, she works on the projects herself and exchanges information with the community constantly. She is in charge of the decision-making and direct organization of all our projects.

Apart from working in the community, she enhances networking with other non-profit organizations, looking for partnerships and local support.


As a “member of Knysna Tourism”, Heike participates in the organization of charity events to advocate support for the townships.


She also engages in raising funds in Germany and English-speaking countries through the Internet, presentations and speech on stage, and works as a photo journalist in South Africa. You can follow her incredible journey on her blog (still in process).

Unsere Projekte und Initiativen leben von Ihrer ehrenwerten Unterstützung.

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