Heike Ellwanger

  • founder of the association
  • photographer
  • journalist
  • charity lady

Phil Hagebölling

  • co-chair
  • active member of the association
  • in charge of media




Magdalena Moos


  • founder of an existing school and pre-school
  • teacher
  • committee member of the local police
  • sponsored-active member
  • registered tour guide
  • contact person for Care&Share&Smile-e.V.


Magdalena founded a school in her father’s garage that consists of a pre-school and kindergarten with 60 children today. Her strong commitment to the community is outstanding. She is an extraordinary woman who pitches in whenever and wherever she can. She lives with her 80-year old mother and her children nearby the school and is the most important partner of our team.

Lesley and Maria Snyman:

  • founder of the Kanonkop soup kitchen that provides 60 children from the neighborhood with food and drinks
  • sponsored-active member of the association and contact person
  • great commitment to the community


Nine years ago Lesley and Maria opened up a kitchen in their house for children from the neighborhood who are malnourished. They cater 60 children although they themselves have problems making end meet. The kids appreciate Lesley’s and Maria’s soup kitchen – a place of wellbeing – so much that they don’t want to go home afterwards!

“All for charity” is their raison d’être! Lesley, Maria, we love you both!

Shamley Titus

  • administrative manager of Southern Stars soccer association
  • a great community networker in terms of sports
  • soccer coach
  • organizer of sports events
  • organizer of charity events
  • offers information workshops on drugs, hygiene and nutrition



Elena Seyfried

  • contact person in Austria
  • active member of the association
  • in charge of networking and public relations







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