1.Township tours:

Since many tourists visit Knysna, it is important to us to show them the other face of Knysna. We always say: “On top of the hills, there is the real life.” Hence, our tour, which shows the social projects and street life of the community, is called “Get in touch with South Africa”.


2. Catering:

South African food is very delicious, characterized by diversity and influenced by the Dutch, English and Indian cuisines. A great buffet can be made in no time in a quickly set up out-door kitchen. We were lucky to taste these meals – and they were so lekker (Afrikaans for delicious)


3. Sports coaches:

Coaching the little ones and adolescents is a responsible task.

The coaches functions as friends and often offer even parental advice.


4. Teachers:

Many energetic teachers are required since pre-school and kindergarten classes are big but are taught in narrowly spaced class rooms.

5. Escort:

Unemployed people who were previously engaged in neighborhood watching are glad to participate something meaningful. Many children fall an easy prey to assaults, robbery and rape on their long way home from school. We want to prevent this from happening by offering trained escort. Since we are not able to finance the entire salary, donations are very welcome

Unsere Projekte und Initiativen leben von Ihrer ehrenwerten Unterstützung.

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