Garbage and recycling are complicated issues in South Africa. The center of Knysna and wealthier neighborhoods are regularly cleaned and kept up well. However, there is no regulated waste disposal in the townships. There are no garbage trucks like there are in Germany.

The people have to transport the garbage to a dump that is miles away. Thus, many inhabitants of the townships are not able to dispose waste properly and litter streets and nearby forests. Care&Share&Smile e.V. joined a local agency called "Edge of Africa" that involves young interested people in improving proper waste disposal.

Children who dispose garbage at the SWOP Shop get tokens in exchange. The number of tokens, which can be redeemed for clothing and shoes, depends on the weight of the garbage. The clothes are provided by Care&Share&Smile e.V. from Germany and enjoy great popularity among the kids.

Care&Share&Smile e.V. is responsible for basic material such as gloves, trash bags and ensures the “Buggy transfer” to the site where the garbage is weighed.
To our surprise, many kids and teenagers wanted to learn more about waste disposal. At the beginning, they could not distinguish between paper and plastic. By now they know that recyclable garbage, which they get more tokens for, is more valuable than old newspapers.

Thanks to our ongoing project one can see children running around with trash bags animated by the desire to get more tokens and popular clothes from Germany.

Unsere Projekte und Initiativen leben von Ihrer ehrenwerten Unterstützung.

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