Magdalena Moos is the member of Care&Share&Smile-NGO.

please contact us to visit our projects (Townshiptours) by Maggi

cell: 083-8744710 / phone: 044-3822391

She is founder of "The St.Patricks Magdaleentje Pre-Primary School/Creche" Knysna/Concordia and this is one of the main projects of our organisation.

We are offering over 70 children a daily program with trained teachers (trained in early childhood development) and a safe place to play, to learn, to explore educational outings (visits of farms, beach, forest relating to the theme of education) and give them a three balance meal per day (breakfast, snack, lunch).

The school is actually multipurpose:

having community meetings, adult literacy clases at evenings, funktions,

after care for primary kids, soccer meetings, neighbourhood watchers, elderly club. Sometimes victims of crime have to find shelter in the preschool until the ambulance or police arrived.

It actually fulfill the role of a community center.


Every child should have the chance for education. However, every third child does not attend school in African countries south of the Sahara.


Many parents suffer from poverty and drug or alcohol consumption and do not know how to make ends meet. They do not know how to ensure their child’s education and healthy nutrition.


Care&Share&Smile e.V. wants every child to be able to attend school and to graduate successfully. To achieve that goal, schools need to become child-oriented in the first place. That is why we support construction of new class rooms and supply of furniture and learning material.


Other important aspects are:

-        roof isolations + insulation

-        provision of sanitary installations

-        kitchen appliances

-        a healthy diet is ensured by our veggie garden, still more food is needed

-        school uniforms

-        books, games, stationery


We kindly are asking for local support: paper, crayons, used clothing, dolls, educational toys, read or any food donations, paint.



We organize all construction material on site since all community member help each other and participate in the construction projects themselves. Some of parents who are not able to pay the fees help in the kitchen, the garden and with the cleaning of the school. Because of bad family situation, we care for childs without getting fee, this is only possible with donations.


Please help us to uplift better conditions to change the life of our children. 


Examples of how Care&Share&Smile e.V. made a difference:

-        the veggie garden was laid out with our help

-        construction material was organized for the St. Patrick’s school

-        study material was delivered to the school

-        we try to ensure a healthy diet with the help of another non-profit organization

-        our volunteers have been actively engaged in teaching for several weeks already


Unsere Projekte und Initiativen leben von Ihrer ehrenwerten Unterstützung.

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