Sport instead of street life:


Our goal is to strengthen the children’s and teenagers’ … through the active participation in sports. They gain new self-confidence and learn how to master their lives when they face hardship. They experience a strong sense of solidarity and belongingness within the group that their parents often cannot offer.

Care&Share&Smile e.V. enables children and teenagers to engage

in sports through the collaboration with a major South African soccer association: Sothern Stars United FC.


Care&Share&Smile e.V.  has been the partner of the soccer association since August 2011 and finances a women’s soccer team that it brought into being.

There are four more soccer teams in the age of 7 to 15, really motivated boys and girls, playing every day on a dirty place without shoes. One of this team "the young teenagers" got a full uniform kit with shoes on easter.

We provide the team with uniform jerseys and soccer shoes to advocate team spirit and motivation.


8 till 15-year old girls are represented in our team and practice twice a week on the soccer field with their own coach called Lorenzo.


On the weekends our team plays against other teams from the

vicinity and demonstrates its ability.


Dascha (14 years old) remarks enthusiastically that her motivation and self-confidence have increased drastically. “I used to be a nobody; now I’m part of a team. Everybody looks up to me. We finally have a regular activity that keeps us off the street. Many people at my age do not know what to do with their time and get silly ideas - my team and I resist and spent our free time on the sports field. “



Support and help financing our sports project to keep alive our teams and the soccer association.



Our goal is to found many more soccer teams to keep more kids off the street. We have three more male teams that still do without uniforms and even shoes. We need more donations to supply jerseys and shoes and to keep supporting and fostering our teams. We would like to give these children the possibility to compete against other teams of the soccer association.


We do not want excitment about sports to take place in the sand barfooted!


Videos are coming soon

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