The "unsung heroes" in our community


We would like to introduce you to remarkable ladies. These are the "unsung heroes" in our community. Together with them HeikeE. ("for me this is really a shocking szenerie!") is visiting regulary some of the needy households in Concordia. During our interaction with some of the families, we get an inside into the personal lifes. We are interested in our neighbourhood and we always want to find solutions for the challenges they are facing with.


Please help us to make this effort sustainable.


Diashow of Dialog with Community/Streetwork

1. Almost 60 and already "lost"


Johannes Kiwitz, he doesn´t have a lot of carrying relatives and for this health worker Mari Slinger is taking care of him. He is bedridden and hard hearing and lives in a shack. Johannes is in need of warm blankets and clothings and a daily meal. By supporting our projects, we can ensure that his life gets more worthwhile.

2. Without knowledge!

The Luiters family lives in a wooden hut (5 children, mother, uncle, aunt, 2 grandchilds), with only one bread winner. One child has a eye defect that wa suppose to be noticed by birth. But because lack of education and knowledge this was never adressed. 

To prevent that, we do advise different families of our community.

The community is in need of health and education. Our project will be grateful, if volunteers can avail themselfs to inform and educate the community families.

3. Two unemployed men

Andrew Slinger + Trever Martthys are examples for many.

There is a high unemployment rate. Not everybody get a fair chance or opportunity for employment. We did a obervasion along the raise lines. We observed in a group of workers doing paving only one coloured lady among +/- 15-20 Xiosa men and woman.

How do you justify equity employment?

There is although a great unhappiness  among the locals because foreigners are willing to do the job for a lower price.

Andrew and Trevor offered to work in our veggy garden in exchange for nutrious meal. They also collect scraped metal to hand in the recycle shop in exchange for smome money.

By supporting our projects we can change their circumstances for example during maintaining the veggy garden, and sell the seedlings to the surrounding community als well as sustain the soupkitchen.


4. We need the second soupkitchen

Some of the families is in need of counceling because some of them can´t cope with theír situation. To forget about the sorrows and suffering, they abuse alcohol and drugs and the children are neglected and underfed.

That is where the need arise for a seond soupkitchen. We already built a section but we have a short fall in need of money.

By supporting us, we can provide a nutritious meal on a daily basis and although for take away to elderly and bedridden.

In exchange for a nutritious meal the beneficiaries will help maintain the veggy garden. Our needs: seed donation and garden equipment.

5. Be in school without school uniform

Senovia is 15 years old, lives with 5 people in a shack without electrizity and no servage. She has to approach her peers for old school uiforms. Senovia had to rise up at 5.30 to be at the bus station at 6.00 to travel to Hornlee, because in this area is no school for coloured children only for Xiosa children. This means "reverse appartheid" !

The residence of concordia is the majority in coloured people.

She lives alone with unemployed 2 uncle, 1 aunt,mother and brother and this family isn´t able to pay a school uniform and school fees.

Uniform costs 450 Rand and the school fees 120/p.year

The only income is Rand 250 p.month sozial grant.


6. Mother of 5 kids trapped in abusive relationship

The sozial grant for the kids goes to drags to feed the husband drug habbits.

therefore. Vanessa already tried twice to get out of this abusive relationship but haven´t the courage to make a chance. We do have a one and one dialog with her and refer her to Famsa. This lady is in desperate need for intervention to safe her and her kids from abuse. In our project we offer the 5 children a nutritious meal in our soupkitchen and offering one girl´s education in Maggi´s Preschool.

To help her survive we need donations of clothes, shoes, food etc.


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