• Heike Ellwanger


„The Mayor brings hope and joy“

It was a day of great excitement in Kanonkop.

The Executive Mayor Counciler Georlene Wolmarans visit to one of our projects.

She was accompanied by Counciler Esme Edge and director of Commuity Service Mr. Charl Botha.

The reason for the visit was to do the handing over of building material to Lesley and Maria Snyman. This elderly couple who is still young at heart, is running a soupkitchen for more than 9 years in their house. They are overing to over 60 children a heartly place to enjoy their nutritious meal three times a week.

In the past they have knocked on several doors , even the former government, there were always empty promises made. After two meetings and a site visit in a short time the mayor comes through for us and show her commitment.

The soupkitchen is solely depending on donations.

As Heike Ellwanger, a german Fotojournalist start a volunteering work, she got in touch with the Kanonkop soupkitchen. That was a time they were facing closures, because the expenses came only out of their own pockets and they only get a pension.

That is where the idea was born to start “Care&Share&Smile”-NGO-Organisation, founded in Germany to support Community Projects and make them sustainable.

You are welcome to visit www.caresharesmile.org and enjoy our townshiptour to get close to our projects and be sure, the fee for it, runs direct to the projects.

Please help us to make a difference, the Mayor already did, a warmly thank full to Georlene Wolmarans to give the children a shelter.


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